Protest action intensifies in Morvant

Protest action intensifies in Morvant

Protest action continue in Morvant in light of the three men killed by members of the TTPS on Saturday afternoon.

Protest action began this morning and continued throughout the day.

According Police reports say that at around 2.15 pm on Saturday, a team of officers from the Port of Spain Division were on patrol along Juman Drive, Second Caledonia, Morvant.

Upon reaching the vicinity of The Auto Guru Building, officers spotted a Nissan Tiida vehicle driving west, heading towards them.

They stopped their vehicle and approached the car, with three men inside.

Police claimed that a man in the back seat of the car came out of the vehicle and opened fire on the officers.

The officers report that they returned fire, hitting the occupants in the car.

Police claimed a black Beretta pistol with a quantity of live ammunition were found and seized at the rear seat of the car.

The three injured men were rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital, however, they were pronounced dead on arrival.

The family of one of the three men shot dead by police in Second Caledonia, Morvant on Saturday, is calling for an investigation into the killing.