Progressive Party’s Nikoli Edwards is Hopeful at the Polls

Progressive Party’s Nikoli Edwards is Hopeful at the Polls

“Dear young people, the feeling of entering a voting booth with a ballot in hand that has your name on it as an option in your country’s General Election is a feeling like no other. Whatever success I receive today it’s ours to enjoy,” said the Political Leader of the Progressive Party, Nikoli Edwards.

Edwards casted his vote at the San Fernando Methodist School for the area of San Fernando West, as he competes with candidates Faris Al-Rawi of the People’s National Movement (PNM), Sean Sobers of the United National Movement (UNC), Benison Jagessar of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) and Valmiki Ramsingh of the National Party (TNP).

“We hope to win San Fernando West of course. You don’t enter a race if not for the intention of winning. We need to have other people who enter our politics, it can’t just be about red and yellow. We have to open up. There are young people who have educated themselves and want to put that to practice. We are hoping to inspire young people to get up, get active and lead Trinidad and Tobago forward”, said Edwards.