“Blesser budget” presented by Finance Minister, says Progressive Party

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“Blesser budget” presented by Finance Minister, says Progressive Party

Political Leader of the Progressive Party Nikoli Edwards said the Government has presented a ‘blesser budget’.

Edwards said, “On the one hand the population was given much-needed incentives, the promise of investments in key sectors and other ‘nice things’.”
On the other hand, he said, it comes at a cost that may see the country enjoying short-term gratification, medium-term stresses and long-term resilience.

He said the rollout/implementation is key to observe and the country must be wary of a midterm adjustment that may be more in line with what many expected this budget presentation to look like, a ‘Break Yuh Back Budget’.
“Nonetheless, the population must be encouraged to take advantage of this fiscal package while pushing back, where possible, on the issues of privatisation, hiring freezes and the reliance and propping up of the non-renewable energy sector.”

Before the budget was read in the Parliament on Monday, Edwards had predicted that the budget would disappoint.

He said, “Many citizens are looking forward to the budget in anticipation that it would bring much-needed relief in the midst of the global pandemic.”

“However, based on the government’s significant borrowing and inability to effectively manage grant disbursements that would in-effect keep the economy afloat, it is expected that this will be an austerity budget.”