Procurement Bill a breach of trust

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Procurement Bill a breach of trust

Opposition Senator Wade Mark said the Public Procurement bill which was passed in the Senate last evening, is a breach of trust that will lead to a “reduction in the quality of our democracy.”

Mark, during his contribution yesterday, said wherever public money is involved, whether government-to-government or private/public sector arrangements, “there must be complete scrutiny, transparency, accountability, integrity, honesty, along with value for money.”

But he said the amendments seek to dismantle the legislation and that Trinidad and Tobago will become “a narco state.”

Mark said “We in the UNC find it extremely repugnant, reprehensible, indefensible and insane for the government headed by our Prime Minister – who has been preaching about transparency, incorruptibility, morality in public affairs – to now be now openly defending measures that the government knows will only lead to the entrenchment and institutionalisation of corruption and fraud.”