“Procrastination” is reason for Paria Diving Tragedy COE issue

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“Procrastination” is reason for Paria Diving Tragedy COE issue

The lack of resources for the Commission of Enquiry into the Paria Diving Tragedy is likely attributable to procrastination.

This is the belief of Former Commission Member for the Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 Attempted Coup, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt.

The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the deaths of four divers at a Paria underwater pipeline said yesterday that his office is yet to receive pens, paper, printers, scanners and internet to properly carry out its work.

Jerome Lynch, speaking at Tower D of the Waterfront Building in Port of Spain Wednesday, said there is an urgent need for those responsible for providing the resources, and materials needed for the commission to discharge its work, to do so such urgently.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning Mrs Mahabir-Wyatt said her experience as a Commission member was in stark contrast to Mr Lynch’s complaints.

So much so, the she said the resources at their disposal were almost a waste as they were more than was necessary.

While she was unable to speak to this Commission’s setup, she surmised that the appointment of a new Chairman for the Commission coupled with Government bureaucracy and delays would have contributed to the situation.

She added however that she does not believe the Office of the President is to blame as some have suggested on social media.

Attorney General Reginald Armour yesterday however distanced himself from the debacle saying that his Office was not responsible for providing the Commission with resources.