Prisoners Live Streamed Rape of Male Inmate on Instagram

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Prisoners Live Streamed Rape of Male Inmate on Instagram

An extremely disturbing video has gone viral online. Report state that the video purports to show a male inmate being brutally raped inside the Riverside County jail in the U.S.

The video was taken by another inmate, who secretly taped the alleged attack. In the video, a male inmate is seen laying face down – with his Orange jumpsuit pulled down below his knees.

Another inmate is laying on top of him, and appears to be forcibly raping the inmate.

The video was posted on IG with a caption that suggests that the man being raped was a member of a rival gang.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released the findings of a survey of former state prisoners; 10% reported one or more incidents of sexual victimization while incarcerated. Of the inmates reporting sexual abuse, 31% were victimized three or more times.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 4% of federal and state prison inmates (and 3% of county jail inmates) reported experiencing one or more incidences of sexual victimization by another inmate for facility staff in the past 12 months or since incarceration, if less than 12 months