13 prisoners, 5 prison officers test positive for Covid in Tobago

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13 prisoners, 5 prison officers test positive for Covid in Tobago

Tobago has recorded 24 new Covid-19 cases.

According to the Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development 18 of those belong to the prison population- five prison officers and 13 prisoners.

The Division said the 13 prisoners have been isolated from the other inmates who tested negative.

A facility has been acquired and is being prepared for use as an isolation facility for COVID-19 positive prisoners.

Arrangements are being made for officials from the Ministry of National Security to inspect the facility this afternoon. Once preparations have been completed and the Ministry gives the necessary approval, the facility will be used as a “Temporary Prison” to isolate COVID-19 positive prisoners.

Since the facility is currently not ready for use, the 13 COVID-19 positive prisoners will be transferred to Trinidad this afternoon via the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard.

As soon as the prisoners have been transferred, the Prison will be deep cleaned and sanitized.

The remaining Prison Officers and prisoners who tested negative for COVID-19 will continue to be monitored daily for 14 days, and if anyone develops symptoms, they will be re-tested.

The remaining six additional cases were contacts of recent positive cases.

The clinical update for Tobago for Thursday 8 October is as follows:

Number of persons discharged- 66

Number of samples submitted to the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) and other local sites to test for COVID-19- 1325

Number of samples that tested positive for COVID-19- 102

Number of active COVID-19 cases- 34

Number of patients at the COVID-19 Treatment Facility- 9

Number of patients at the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit- 1

Number of patients en route to the COVID-19 Treatment Facility- 11

Number of patients en route to Treatment Facilities in Trinidad- 13

Number of deaths- 2