Prisoner ‘fakes sick’ and escapes police custody

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Prisoner ‘fakes sick’ and escapes police custody

A 33-year-old Curepe man is on the run, after he escaped custody last night.

The incident is said to have taken place at around 10:40pm, when the suspect, who had been detained on Saturday for narcotics possession, told officers he was feeling unwell and was then taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

While at the medical facility, the suspect requested to use the washroom and was allowed to do so by himself.
However, when he did not return to his bed, officers went to check and discovered the bathroom door locked from the inside.

They forced the door open and found a window in the bathroom was open.

It is believed the suspect jumped through the window.

A search of the facility was conducted but the suspect was not located.

Police have said to resumed their search this morning and are on the hunt for the individual.