Principal Association head says parents contributing to “failing students”

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Principal Association head says parents contributing to “failing students”

Parents please stop failing your children!

This is the plea from the President of the National Primary School Principals Association Carlene Hayes who believes that parents and guardians have a responsibility to help their young ones get through the school system as seamlessly as possible.

She made the comment in the wake of remarks by the Prime Minister that the education system is failing students.

Speaking at the Breakfast with Dr Keith Rowley at the Hilton Trinidad on Wednesday, the PM blamed automatic promotion to secondary school for thrusting unprepared students into a system where they cannot cope with the curriculum.

He added that this inevitably leads to some becoming disinterested in education and instead turning to a life of crime.

Speaking with News Power Now, Hayes said that it was necessary that parents work with in unison schools to ensure that their children do as well as they could.

She was quick to point out that not all parents stood guilty of not providing the support needed for their children to succeed, however those who were contributed to the same issues the Prime Minister articulated.

She emphasized the need for the children’s home life to act as a support system for their success.