Prince Charles Won’t Allow Archie to Be a Prince


Prince Charles Won’t Allow Archie to Be a Prince

A new report claims Prince Harry’s son Archie will never become a prince under his grandfather’s plan for a slimmed-down monarchy.

According to Page Six, Prince Charles, who is likely to become the next king, is determined to limit the number of key royal figures in an effort to appease his future subjects, who he believes don’t want to pay for an overcrowded monarchy.

The Daily Mail claims that Charles told his son Harry that he will change key documents to prevent Archie from inheriting the title, which would have once been his birthright. As it stands, Baby Archie is currently seventh in line to the throne.

“Harry and Meghan were told Archie would never be a Prince, even when Charles became King,” the tabloid’s source said.

This royal snub has reportedly further deteriorated the eroding relationship between Harry and Buckingham Palace.

Royal watchers and fans took to Twitter to weigh in on its claims. Royal biographer Angela Levin commenting, “It’s been known for years before Meghan hit the scene that Prince Charles wanted to slim down the monarchy and not give titles to those who were not in direct line to the throne. It would save money too.”

Another wrote, “Charles said this over 10 years ago, long before Meghan was even heard of, people still looking for racism that isn’t there.”

A number of users approved of Prince Charles’ rumored plan for its practicality. “This is the correct path. Fewer royals, fewer residences and palaces. We Canadians would accept the Royal Family if it were more practical and yet still as loving toward us. Slimmed-down is the way to go,” one wrote.