Prime Minister Wants To See Faster Delivery Of Justice

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Prime Minister Wants To See Faster Delivery Of Justice

Acceleration in the delivery of justice, this is one of the developments Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, will like to see materialise in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Rowley expressed the concern during conversations with the Prime Minister this week.

Dr Rowley said there is need for improvement in the speed of justice adding the state has put a variety of measures in place to ensure efficiency in this area.

The Prime Minister said there are more courts, judges and a point system is now in place for traffic offenders.

However, the Prime Minister said there is still need for a faster rate at which justice is carried out.

The Prime Minister said he is expecting a  backlash from his comments but he remains focused on the current state of affairs in the country.

Dr Rowley said the state has invested a lot in this area and will like to see the benefits of such.