Price of eggs going up again

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Price of eggs going up again

There will be an increase in the price of eggs come Monday, 6th February.

The increase by $3 per dozen, according to the Association of Trinidad and Tobago Table Egg Producers, is due to the increase in the price of feed for layer chickens.

Vice president of the association, Dennis Ramsingh, said the cost of feed is due to be increased by five per cent on Monday and this hike in the price of feed comes from Mastermix Feeds Ltd, which supplies the majority of the table eggs produced in T&T.

Ramsingh, in an Express report, said that the increase in the price of eggs became necessary as a few months ago, egg producers had faced the removal of a fuel subsidy of almost five per cent, by the feed company and now this feed hike has become unbearable to absorb.

“We do not like to appear selfish, however, the additional cost of fuel, distribution expenses, and the packaging has made it difficult for producers to continue to absorb these increases,” he stressed.

According to reports, wholesale eggs are currently being sold to retailers at between $19 and $21 per dozen.
With the planned $3 per dozen price increase, the price of eggs from the producers will be between $22 and $24 per dozen.