President of Industrial Court Deborah Thomas Felix expecting deluge of matters after Covid-19 pandemic

The Hon. Deborah Thomas Felix

President of the Industrial Court Deborah Thomas Felix says the Court may have to deal with a deluge of industrial relations matters related to Covid-19 after the pandemic because of the many issues that arose during the pandemic in the workplace. Speaking in an exclusive interview with IzzSo media she said a ‘new normal’ will have to be contemplated. Justice Thomas-Felix said while its difficult to predict exactly what the ‘new normal’ will actually be, health and safety standards and procedure in the workplace will have to evolve, with more emphasis being placed on personal protective equipment (PPE) and workplace safety procedures:

She also underscored the importance now more than ever for human rights and the rule of Law and the guiding principles of industrial relations and consultation with all stakeholders to successfully navigate these new uncharted and challenging waters post cover-19:

The President of the Industrial Court also said that in her opinion small business in the face of a possible global recession may face significant challenges with some jobs being obliterated. With this in mind it is important for micro and macro economic measures be implemented to protect the most vulnerable inclusive of jobs in the informal economy:

Madam Justice Thomas-Felix also said that the cover-19 pandemic may also inform some revision of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in Trinidad & Tobago in particular relation to those who work in public spaces and the new levels of risks involved in some sectors including nurses , doctors and member of the protective services:



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    Jessica Adams 3 months

    The president of the Industrial Court has raised some valid concerns which need to be addressed sooner rather than later! The “new normal” undoubtedly poses real issues moving forward particularly as it pertains the minimisation of risks in some sectors. We need to be proactive rather than reactive in addressing these emergent and potential issues! Thank you madam President for raising these concerns!

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