President Ali tells Guyanese living in TT “Come back home”

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President Ali tells Guyanese living in TT “Come back home”

Come back home!
That was the call issued by Guyanese President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during a meeting with Guyanese diaspora on Saturday evening at the Radisson Hotel in Port of Spain.

Ali said Guyana’ economy is the “fastest growing” in Latin America and the Caribbean and he is calling on Guyanese people living in T&T to return home and partake of all the economic opportunities that exist there.

He said, “The incentive when you left was that you were going to something better. I say to you now, the incentive is that we can offer you better than when you left and to give you an opportunity now to return home. I want you to come back home.”

He pointed out that some of the areas in which the Guyanese Diaspora can work and invest in include agriculture, tourism, oil and gas, and construction.

He also highlighted plans to reduce the cost of energy, which will make investments in different industries more attractive for Guyanese who want to return home and for foreign investors as well.

Ali said, “By 2026 we should be producing 810,000 barrels of oil per day. The Guyana we want to build is a non-oil economy which must grow at a rapid pace. There must be an education and healthcare system that support one of the greatest economies in the world. We want to make Guyana a health and education hub and we will remove corporate tax. We have more than four private hospitals under construction. We’re building a new sports stadium.”

“The prosperity of Guyana must be and will be the prosperity of the Caricom region,” he said.

He forecasts that Guyana will see a jump in poultry production from 50,000 to 90,000 tones by 2025 which is an almost 100 per cent increase in poultry production.

Ali also boasted that Guyana is building Latin America’s and the Caribbean’s first Hydroponics City. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.