Premier League Gordon Taylor Reveals Shortened Matches Proposal

Premier League Gordon Taylor Reveals Shortened Matches Proposal

There are more and more unusual suggestions in the discussion about an early continuation of the football season in the English Premier League. Player union leader (PFA) Gordon Taylor reports that there is also talk of shortening the playing time.

“We know what suggestions have been made (so far),” says Taylor in an interview with BBC Radio 4, “the opportunity to switch more often so that the halves of the game do not last the full 45 minutes, neutral venues – there are many ideas.”

However, Taylor cannot say how realistic the proposal for shorter game halves actually is. “We cannot predict the future,” he says. “If we wait and see what suggestions there are, we let managers, coaches and players process all of this and get a well-founded picture.”

Such a temporary change in the basics of football would be a matter for the governors of the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Most recently, the World Federation (FIFA) made a proposal to the IFAB to temporarily allow up to five instead of three substitutions per team due to the corona crisis.

Last Friday, all 20 Premier League clubs had voted to end the season that had been interrupted since mid-March. There is speculation that the government and health experts will agree to restart in mid-June.

On Friday, the clubs want to exchange views in a video conference.