POSCC dealing with perennial issues in the capital for Christmas; increased security for shoppers

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POSCC dealing with perennial issues in the capital for Christmas; increased security for shoppers

Measures are currently being implemented to deal with the cleanliness, security, traffic and illegal vendor issues in the capital city this Christmas season.

This from Port of Spain Deputy Mayor Abena Hartley.

Hartley said there will be increased patrols by the City Police, in conjunction with members of the T&T Defence Force.

She said the decision to have the joint patrols was not only because of the festive season, but also because it is cruise ship season as well.

She said during peak hours in the day, there will be foot patrols, while there will be mobile patrols outside those hours.

Hartley said the municipal police officers will also be out in their numbers to ensure that traffic management is efficient.

Hartley stated, however, that no definitive decisions to change the traffic systems for the season were made, as such decisions required consultation.

Additionally, the Deputy Mayor revealed that over the weekend, the City Corporation conducted another edition of its clean-up campaign in the East Dry River and St Ann’s River South—the third successive week of the campaign.

She said the streets of Port-of-Spain will be cleaned between today and Thursday, ahead of the return of vendors to the capital.

“Usually, the registered vendors with the Port-of-Spain City Corporation tend to vend from Thursday to Saturday but during the Christmas period, we allow them extra time because we know it’s a busy period.

“However, that usually would have started on Monday—which is tomorrow—but because we needed to ensure the street is cleared before the amount of people and the amount of activity comes in, we’ve ensured that we are doing the clean-up today (yesterday),” Hartley said.

“Tomorrow (today), we have street workers coming out from 4 am, and we will also do an additional washing of the street over the next three days until Thursday, when they will be allowed the additional time to vend,” she added.