POS protestors beaten while in police custody, says attorney

POS protestors beaten while in police custody, says attorney

An attorney representing some of the persons arrested in connection with the protests in and around Port of Spain on June 30 and July 1st, said some of those persons were beaten while in police custody.

Adiola Young was one of six young attorneys who came forward to represent some of the persons in the 72, who were said to be arrested in connection with the protests.

She said some of them were not involved in the protests, but were picked up by police in discriminately as they went through some communities.

One man in particular was on his way to a job interview, and had in his possession a copy of a Certificate of Good Character.

She said many others had no prior conviction and no issues of prior arrests.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young claimed that person were paid to cause the disturbances, which took place in various locations across the country.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith in a statement following the incident said it was a plan to shut down the country, which failed.

Young described the experiences of those who were detained by police during an interview with News Power Now.

Young said some of those arrested were held in a cell in police stations with numbers larger than the stipulated 25, under the existing COVID-19 regulations, which they were charged for breaching.

She said while some of them pleaded guilty to the charge of breaching the COVID-19 regulations, others were advised against doing that, and their matters were adjourned to early August.


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