PoS Mayor tours PowerGen’s Cooling Water System


PoS Mayor tours PowerGen’s Cooling Water System

The Mayor of Port of Spain, Joel Martinez along with the Port of Spain Corporation’s Chief Building Inspector – Deoraj Ramtahal attended a site visit on Wednesday 14th April, to PowerGen’s Cooling Water System which is associated with the Port of Spain Power Station.

A release by the PoS Corporation states the contingent was led by PowerGen’s Project Manager-Patricia Chin Cheong where she conducted a thorough walk through and shared the history and function of the Cooling water Pumphouse via the PowerGen’s Cooling Water System.

With the aid of a map the attendees were also able to visually navigate the exact Chanel of the Intake and Outfall of water and fuel oil from the Port of Spain Power Station.

Subsequent to the tour, talks were held in 2020 in light of the decommissioning of the PowerGen’s Plant between the Mayor, the Port of Spain Corporation and the Ministry of Works, to further discuss future plans for the site. Components for consideration were the Seawater Intake, Intake Channel, the Cooling Water Pump House, the Culvert between Cooling Water Pump House and Power Station, the Control Weir and Cooling Water Outfall Channel.

A number of factors arose at Wednesday’s visit with respect to the sealing off of the outfall and redirection of the Intake Channel. So much so, with the recent plans for the Revitalization of Port of Spain this now plays a major role in the redevelopment of PowerGen.

Thus, further consultations are scheduled to take place in the near future with all relevant stakeholders on the way forward regarding the PowerGen’s Cooling Water System.

Other attendees present at Wednesday’s tour were PowerGen’s Project Manager – Patricia Chin Cheong, Representatives from the Ministry of Works and Transport, Design Manager I – Rhomel Castro, Dep. Program Director – Anton Balfour and Bridge Construction Manager Engineer – Nicholas Dindial.