Police Welfare Assoc. wants to be part of consultations on top cop

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Police Welfare Assoc. wants to be part of consultations on top cop

The Police Social Welfare Association (TTPSSWA) does not want to be overlooked when it comes to being a part of the process of finding a Police Commissioner.

As such, they are urging the Police Service Commission (PSC) to rethink its current procedure.

Head of the Association, Acting Inspector Gideon Dickson, would like the Police Service Commission to discuss changes in the procedure to determine the next top cop, in the interest of fairness and transparency.

The contract of current Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is expected to come to an end in August. However, Griffith has already stated that he will be reapplying for the position.

While he is not opposed to a more streamlined selection process for the positions of commissioner and deputy commissioners of police (DCP), Dickson noted that this was not the first time the PSC has overlooked the association as a major stakeholder.

He said “In 2019 they would have changed the legislation to say a candidate must have a masters (degree) to apply for the post of commissioner and DCP. We weren’t consulted then either.
“Now they want to improve the system, and again we weren’t consulted.

Gideon said “This we cannot accept. There should be equity, due process and fairness. Anything short of that we see as spurious, and these things affect morale of serving career officers and by extension the subordinate staff.”

The proposed changes have not yet been approved by the House of Representatives.

Dickson said his association was calling on the PSC, the Attorney General and the Minister of National Security for more consultation.