Police to intensify operations prior to start of curfew

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Police to intensify operations prior to start of curfew

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith has noted the actions and comments of ‘social media trained law enforcement experts’, circulating on social media, who are once again questioning the rationale in implementing roadblocks throughout the country.

The Commissioner would like to reiterate to the public that during this current State of Emergency, all measures being implemented are for their benefit, safety and security. Current decisions are being made to ensure that persons stay off the road, unless necessary during this time in order to minimise movement in keeping with the rationale for the SOE, which is to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the population.

Commissioner Griffith takes this opportunity to remind the public and make citizens aware that the roadblocks are necessary and are not to inconvenience them. He stated that on examining our intelligence and data, roadblocks prior to the commencement of curfew are an essential part of a wider strategy to:

1. Prevent fatal road traffic accidents caused by excessive speeding by errant drivers
2. Prevent persons using roadways to transport drugs and weapons, especially in the hours leading up to the curfew, as intelligence has shown that criminals are using this period to their benefit.
3. Prevent violent crimes, including murders and robberies that are being committed just before the curfew hours, where these perpetrators are trying to get away in the hours just before the curfew.
4. Curb the prevalence of drunk driving where some persons engage in binge drinking and liming in the hours before the curfew, become intoxicated and then try to drive home to beat the curfew.

The Commissioner notes that all of these infractions take place during the hours leading up to the curfew, hence the importance of the roadblocks.

The CoP stated that the video shared by the ‘expert’ from Carenage highlighted that the TTPS is doing its job and we wish to thank him for that. The Commissioner further added that what the ‘expert’ from Carenage has shown is that what is perceived as an “inconvenience” may be necessary in some instances to keep the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago safe and secure. We will continue to protect and serve with pride.