Police rob businessman of $thousands during fake road block

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Police rob businessman of $thousands during fake road block

Two police officers, an acting corporal and a constable, were arrested on Thursday following an investigation into the thousand-dollar robbery of a businessman.

Reports indicate that the businessman was travelling with his courier after collecting the days’ sales from his Tunpauna and Port-of-Spain stores.

He was stopped in a roadblock along the Western Main Road where he was robbed by two police officers in full police uniform. The victim also alleged that the men used a marked police vehicle to conduct the crime.

During the incident, they stole $250,000 in addition to $1500 from the businessman.

The officers then escaped in the police vehicle.

A report was made and an investigation was launched.

It appeared that one of the officers borrowed a marked police vehicle from the St. James Police Station. He said it was to be used for an extra assignment.

He then picked up a fellow officer and they followed the businessman and his courier.

They eventually robbed the men by setting up a fake roadblock under the guise of a simple search.

The officers were identified and arrested on Thursday, and are expected to be charged for the crime.

Both officers are attached to the Western Division Police.

Investigations are continuing.