Police rescue 5 kidnapped, held hostage in Cunupia

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Police rescue 5 kidnapped, held hostage in Cunupia

A sting operation during the early hours of this morning has led to the rescue of several persons being held against their will.

Hours after learning that several Venezuelan nationals were being held against their will in Cunupia—and being made to work as prostitutes—the TTPS were able to rescue five persons.

Four females and one male were taken from the apartment at Monroe Road between 2 am and 6 am on July 18.

The exercise was led by members of the Counter Trafficking Unit (CTU), the Special Investigation Task Force and Northern Division Task Force.

The officers received  information from a 17-year-old Venezuelan girl on Sunday, who herself was rescued from a prostitution ring along with 16 year old girl, that there might have been 12 other girls who were being held against their will at the apartment.

The two girls were rescued by Venezuelan Activist Yesenia Gonzales on July 16.

They were found bare feet and half-naked, hiding in a bushy area located close to the apartment.

Gonzales handed the girls over to officers around 3 pm on July 17, following which statements were obtained from both.

TTPS officials this morning said the five rescued persons would be detained in relation to immigration offences.

They were all taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for treatment.