Police on the hunt to find Las Cuevas murder suspect

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Police on the hunt to find Las Cuevas murder suspect

Police are still on the hunt for a 33-year-old suspect of Zorro Road, Las Cuevas in the forested area of Rincon, Las Cuevas.

According to ADD NEWS TT, the suspect is wanted in connection with the double homicide of lifeguard couple Shereen Bailey Valdez, 40 and Hollis Valdez of Lp#8 Rincon Road, Las Cuevas.

Police said Sgt Stanislaus along with members of the Homicide Bureau, Cpl Antoine, members from the K9 Branch, Ag/ Cpl Singh, N.E.D Coastal Unit, Pc Ali, members from the NEDTF, PTE Cadette and PTE Crichlow of Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force returned to the forest area of Rincon Las Cuevas in search of the murder suspect, however, he was not located.

On Friday sometime between 7:30 am and 8:00 am the suspect entered the front door which was opened and proceeded to the bedroom, where he opened fire on the couple.
Following the shooting, the suspect was seen leaving the house.

The couple was found dead. Both of them were shot multiple times about their respective bodies.

The scene was processed and 11 9mm spent shells and one projectile were recovered from the scene.

Police classed the double homicide as a domestic dispute.