Police officers urged to get vaccinated

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Police officers urged to get vaccinated

Following the recent revelation of the low vaccination levels among the protective services, Acting Commissioner of Police, McDonald Jacob, is now urging police officers to get vaccinated.

Speaking at the Police Christmas Awards at the Inter-Agency Task Force building in Aranguez on Saturday, Jacob said officers needed to get vaccinated and added that the Police Service will use the Police Hospital, located at the Police Training Academy in St James, in the vaccination drive.

Jacob said, “Twenty-four personnel from the T&T Police Service have died from COVID-19. Out of that one officer was fully vaccinated, the other two were partially vaccinated and the others were not vaccinated. Therefore I call on police officers to get vaccinated.

He added, “At present, we have 180 personnel in the T&T Police Service who are positive and we have about 760 persons who are on quarantine. So we are reintroducing the utilisation of the Police Hospital in an effort to propel the vaccination process. Even though there are vaccination centres, you find that officers would ask for time.”

Jacob admitted however, that since the Prime Minister released the vaccine statistics of servicemen two weeks ago, there has been an “uptick” in the number of police officers being vaccinated.

He said, “Some of them are even asking for time off to get vaccinated and that is the reason that we are using the Police Hospital as areas of vaccinating officers.”