Police officer and a man square off in PoS

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Police officer and a man square off in PoS

A police officer and a street vendor were at each other’s neck this afternoon.

According to reports the officer was about to issue the vendor a ticket while the man was in the middle of giving an explanation about the incident that transpired before.

The incident took place on George Street.

The situation between the officer and the vender took a turn for the worst when the man got up from his seat and was accosted in the face by the officer.

The man then in turn slapped the police officer back in his face.

Several officers looking on, then grabbed a hold of the man and shoved him in the back of a police van.

Several videos of the incident began making its way on social media.

The incident began after the man threw away his ticket for wearing his mask under his nose.

The officer seen in the video below later picked up the ticked he issued the man a ticket as his mask was not covering both his mouth and nose.

See video below –