Police launch massive search for chopping suspect

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Police launch massive search for chopping suspect

Police launched a massive search yesterday for the man suspected of killing 49-year-old Ramragie Gobin at her Golconda home on Sunday.

Police searched the area where the 53-year-old suspect is said to have lived but he was not found. Sources say he has not been seen since the incident. The man lives at Oropuche River Trace North, Barrackpore.

Gobin had taken out a restraining order against the man as he had threatened to kill her in the past.

Original story below: 

A woman was found dead in her home on Sunday.

Ramrajie Gobin of Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda was at her home when she called her daughter and told her that a man she had taken out a protection order against was at her home.

Her daughter called her son and told him about it. When her son visited his mother around 4:00p.m, he found her lying in a pool of her own blood with several chop wounds to the neck.

Police officers from Ste Madeleine police were contacted about the broken protection order, and when they visited they discovered the victim was dead.

Police are currently looking for the individual whom the woman complained about.