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Police kept busy with 5 murders in 24 hrs

Five people were killed in four separate incidents involving criminal activity across Trinidad and Tobago.

There were murders in Carenage, Wallerfield, San Fernando and Port-of-Spain, as the murder toll crept up to 477 for the year thus far.

In the latest incident, shocked pedestrians and onlookers witnessed the cold-blooded murder of a street vendor on Henry Street Thursday afternoon.

According to police reports shortly after 5 pm, Smart was seated on a chair offering his drinks and snack items for sale when he was approached by a lone gunman who shot him several times.

However, as the gunman attempted to run away, he was intercepted by police officers, who shot at him.

The wounded suspect, who officers said is from Duncan Street, was subsequently arrested and taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, where he was being treated while under heavy police guard last night.

Investigations are continuing.