Police discover human remains at ‘Dog Island’, Sea Lots

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Police discover human remains at ‘Dog Island’, Sea Lots

Human bones have been found in a swamp which borders the Sea Lots community.

Officers from the Besson Street Police Station went to the area referred to as Dog Island off Production Drive, Sea Lots around 3.30 pm yesterday.

Acting on information and accompanied by officers from the Special Investigations Unit, the Canine Unit, and the Guard & Emergency Branch – officers trekked a quarter of a mile into the mangrove which runs alongside the Gulf of Paria.

The party of more than 20 later discovered the macabre scene as they found human bones strewn across the mangrove.

In addition, a GML report states that lawmen also saw the remains of a body hanging from a tree.

A dark coloured jersey which contained what appeared to be a human skull with bullet holes was found.

The District Medical Officer visited the scene and ordered the removal of the bones to the Forensic Science Centre, St James.