Police called as main suspect in gruesome Grande chopping allegedly stalks victim

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Police called as main suspect in gruesome Grande chopping allegedly stalks victim

Police responded to the Sangre Grande Hospital on Tuesday following reports that the man being hunted after 21-year-old Taylor Benson was seriously injured and her mother Tricia Badaloo was killed was spotted outside the hospital where she’s warded.

Both women were victims a violent cutlass attack.

According to reports some officers were stationed at Benson’s bedside while their colleagues patrolled the area around the hospital.

Benson and her mother were at their Sangre Grande home around 6.50 pm on Monday when the man, who was on bail after being charged for assaulting Benson, allegedly attacked them.

Reports state that the man allegedly hacked 55-year-old Badaloo to death as she struggled to protect her daughter.

Benson was able to escape and ran out into the roadway in front of the house, alerting neighbours. When police responded, Benson was able to name her attacker before losing consciousness.

Her mother was found dead inside the house. The alleged suspect was seen on CCTV footage leaving the home with the bloodied Chinese chopper in his hand after the attack.

Benson was taken to hospital, where she remains in critical condition. Up until news time yesterday, Benson had not been told of her mother’s death.

Since the attack, police have been searching for the suspect, whose last known address was Coalmine, Sangre Grande. The manhunt included interrogating one of the man’s relatives but his whereabouts remain unknown.