Police Association rubbish exploitation claims by promoters

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Police Association rubbish exploitation claims by promoters

The Police Association Executive are rubbishing claims by promoters that certain senior officers are exploiting them by charging exorbitant fees provide security at their events.

They say that they are being charged up to $200, 000 to secure parties and fetes.

Vice President of the Police Welfare association Inspector Ishmael Pitt says that this is simply not the case.


He said the individuals making the claims are not being fair.

He explained th at when persons want to have an event there are certain conditions that must be approved by the court like security and police presence at the venue.

He said that once the police receive such a request an investigation will take place to determine the size of the venue, number of artistes, duration of the event and the size of the car park etc.

He explains that the police can make recommendations but the court has the final say.

He said the promoters are complaining because their interest is in profit while the interest of the TTPS is concerned with securing the public.

A release from the TTPS noted that the performance of Overtime duty is separate and apart from Extra Duty. Overtime Duties are authorised duties in excess of the 40-hour work week.

These duties are approved and performed in exigent circumstances. In addition, the payment process is calculated differently and there are policy guidelines as to how they should be performed.