Point Fortin PTA threatens to close school

Point Fortin PTA threatens to close school

The Parent Teachers Association of the Point Fortin East Secondary School is giving the Education Ministry until next Monday, 13th, to address the repairs that have been promised, but not completed, at the school.
In a press release, the PTA argued that before school closed for holidays they were informed that the ceiling along the corridor and the classrooms on Block D (the form 3 block) will be repaired as well as the gas systems in the science labs. They were also informed that Block E (condemned building) will be demolished (the building was identified to be demolished since 2007). 

Damages to Point Fortin East Secondary School

However, the PTA argued that none of the items have been completed and students are unable to complete their SBA’s because they cannot do their labs. They argue that the condemned building poses a serious safety and health hazard as it is a haven for rodents.

Damages to Point Fortin East       Secondary School

The missing and falling ceiling on Block D also poses a safety hazard to students and teachers. The classrooms are also extremely hot but due to the faulty electrical system it is not advisable to plug in fans in most of the classrooms.
The Block D corridor always floods if there is heavy rain. A teacher recently fell on the stairs of the 2 story building because the slip guards are worn or non existent in some areas of the stairs. There are exposed wires and outlets in many of the classrooms. Inadequate toilet facilities for teachers and student and the list goes on.
The school is performing well academically, the teachers are excellent and the students are doing well not just academically but in extracurricular activities as well (the arts, swimming, track and field and football).
They are calling for a response by the Education Ministry.


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    Grace Anne Bradshaw 3 weeks

    It is very easy to continue to condemn the authorities for this shameful reality, however, I would like to offer a solution. Many people have graduated from this School over the years. If you feel some gratitude for the education received could you give back by offering a gift of cash or talent to restore one of the blocks? This is the difference between the so called “prestige” schools and the public schools. Irest my case.

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    Rene 3 weeks

    I agree because I have been attending this school for 5 years now,the heat is unbearable at most times and whenever there is rain, school has to be dismissed due to floods. There are electrical problems in the school. There are sometimes gas leaks and rodents. I am tired of this and when the form 5 students write CXC and leave the school we won’t have that problem anymore but what about the rest of students attending Point Fortin East Secondary. I think that something should be done about this.

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