POA calls for internal probe into explosives find outside Arouca prison

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POA calls for internal probe into explosives find outside Arouca prison

On the heels of the shocking discovery of explosives and high-powered weapons in the garden of the Maximum Security Prison (MSP) in Arouca last week, head of the Prison Officers’ Association (POA) Ceron Richards is now calling for a thorough internal investigation.

In an interview with GML, Richards said that since the 2015 jailbreak, officers have always suspected that another such incident could take place again.
He said, “It is something we always have been thinking about since the 2015 jailbreak as it would have set a new type of criminal activity that we believe would have continued.”

Richards said when it comes to the safety and security of officers and inmates, not enough is being done or spent.
He pointed out that the MSP in particular is plagued with serious security challenges including no proper alarm system.

Richards said, “That prison itself has some serious security challenges, look at the alarm system but we know from the National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds that there is a contract signed and work is soon to start and we are hopeful that it comes through as quickly as possible because the security of officers and inmates are at risk.”

He added, “The activities revealed in the last few days have all of us seriously concerned and we hope that the Central Government spend more money in the service.”
He is demanding a thorough investigation both inside and outside of the prison service.
“An internal investigation will be launched and we will ensure that it is properly done but we are hopeful that the police will do a broader external investigation and get who is responsible.”