PNM’s Women’s League calls Duke’s latest attacks a ‘mad man’s rant

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PNM’s Women’s League calls Duke’s latest attacks a ‘mad man’s rant

The National Women’s League of the People’s National Movement coins Assemblyman Watson Duke latest message to the party as a ‘mad man’s rant’.

In a release issued this afternoon by the PNM’s women’s league, it states “the League has grown accustomed to Duke’s ad hominem attacks.”

The League said it took note of the accusation by Assemblyman Duke that the National Women’s League is a ‘hate group’.

The League said “that whilst the hatred is a strong term, the League reserves such emotions for fraudsters, rapists and criminals not for moral upstanding citizens.”

“As for the distasteful mockery of women vendors, the League states that Duke and his wife should both note that there is no embarrassment from making money through honest means.“

“We wish to advise Assemblyman Duke that the League and the Nation are weary of distraction politicking.“

“The League remains unsure if the Assemblyman is yet retired as PSA Head and therefore suggests that Mr. Duke places his focus on pension matters and explain to the extremely interested nation about the process of retiring, subsequently running for election for the same position and collecting a gratuity for the same position all whilst still remaining in the SAME office to date.”