PNM Youth League condemns UNC for its “harmful lack of support” of Anti-Gang Bill

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PNM Youth League condemns UNC for its “harmful lack of support” of Anti-Gang Bill

The People’s National Movement National Youth League has strongly condemned the opposition’s dangerous and harmful lack of support for the Anti-Gang (Amendment) Bill as well as their failure to work in a non-partisan approach to protect the very lives and limbs of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

In a statement, the Youth League said “As citizens, young people expect elected officials to work in the best interest of our nation, to put aside partisanship and to ensure that the needs of our nation’s citizens are met. In this latest legislative lapse, it is deeply concerning and troubling that we have witnessed a continuation of unfortunate self-interest, an apparent protection of hidden allies, a lack of morality in public affairs and a complete disregard for the oath of office taken by all members of Parliament on the United National Congress bench.”

They said “Each Member of Parliament who abstained based upon the directive of their failed leader Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, must take ownership of the far-reaching negative security implications of their ineptitude.”

Since September 2015, Mrs. Persad-Bissesar and the UNC have stopped at nothing in their quest to undermine the Government’s agenda to deal with the most pressing issues facing society today.

“This is evident by their lack of support for critical legislation, such as the Anti-Gang Bill 2020 which a PNM-opposition once supported in the interest of our country during the UNC’s administration of 2010-2015.
An important piece of legislation upon which the sun will set in a few days and which has now collapsed at the mercy of their stymied hands, for the second time!”

The Youth League said “This legislation’s purpose was to empower our law-enforcement authorities to meaningfully fight against criminal gangs, and to ensure a deduction in gang-related crimes could be realized.
However, one must ask, who is Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC protecting? Is it the law-abiding citizens of this country or perpetrators of crime and criminality in Trinidad and Tobago?”

Moreover, they said youth across Trinidad and Tobago are in disbelief as Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the UNC have once again put all of this nation’s youth at risk, leaving the youth open to hoodwinking invitations to the lucrative yet notoriously dangerous life of crime and gang involvement.

They added: What message has been sent to the young boys and girls on involvement in gangs in this country when such irresponsible and brazen failure on the part of Opposition MP’s is witnessed?

The PNM Youth League said “When an aged-nation looks back on its history and its Parliament on November 20, 2020, the Leader of the Opposition and the United National Congress will forever be on a side of debilitation, destruction, deceit and corruption as their internal principles