PNM Women’s League comes out in defence of Gypsy

PNM Women’s League comes out in defence of Gypsy

PNM’s National Women’s League has come out in defence of Moruga/Tableland candidate Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters, following allegations of abuse.

Chair of the league, Camille Robinson-Regis said he was not the subject of any criminal charge or investigation and the allegations would not affect his standing in the party.

In a Newsday article today, Robinson-Regis wrote, “The leadership of PNM has taken note of the coverage in the daily newspapers of a domestic matter involving the PNM’s candidate for the constituency of Moruga/Tableland, Mr Winston Gypsy Peters.
“It is also noteworthy in the coverage that the allegedly aggrieved party has expressly stated no desire to pursue this matter with the police.

“The party notices from the newspaper report that the matter may now be the subject of judicial proceedings and therefore will be very circumspect in its comments.
“We are not treating these allegations as an election issue as some people would like it to be.

“The party wishes to advise that this notwithstanding, Mr Peters is not the subject of any criminal charge or investigation, unlike Mr Watson Duke who is a candidate and is actually on criminal charges of rape, indecent assault and disorderly conduct.”

A woman from Rio Claro, with whom Peters was involved, was granted an interim protection order against him on July 2. Peters was not present when the order was granted. The order, which expires on July 23, prevents him from being within 200 metres of her or contacting her.

They are expected to appear in court for determination of the matter when the order expires on Thursday.