PNM Tobago Council tells Tobagonians ‘don’t trust Duke’

PNM Tobago Council tells Tobagonians ‘don’t trust Duke’

PNM’s Tobago Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine has told Tobagonians that they should not trust a word from the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) and its leader Watson Duke.

The comment follows statements by Duke that Farley Augustine will be Chief Secretary if the PDP wins the THA elections.
However, Davidson-Celestine said it’s all a trick.

She believes Duke would return and claim the post as he has a history of not keeping his worrd.

“We would have heard from their political leader … who would have indicated time and time again that he will be stepping down from the PSA and that he would have given way to younger blood, but what has happened today, ladies and gentlemen? He is still the president of the PSA?”

On Farley, she said “Nothing that is said by the deputy political leader of the PDP is of value in this election… The convention in Trinidad and Tobago, the convention in the Caribbean, the convention in the world is for a political party leader to lead a party into the election.”

The Tobago House of Assembly elections is carded for January 25, 2021.