PNM PRO says Morning Brew host has nothing to apologise for

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PNM PRO says Morning Brew host has nothing to apologise for

Public Relations Officer of the People’s National Movement Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing has come out in support of CNC3 Morning Brew talk show host Natalee Legore, saying she has no reason to apologise to the Opposition.

UNC PRO Dr Kirk Meighoo on Thursday called on Legore to apologise for what he termed “offensive remarks” that the UNC, after losing the 2020 election, tried to encourage chaos similar to what was seen at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

In a release on Friday Lezama-Lee Sing said, “I have taken note of the opposition’s call to relieve a particular morning show host of her duties from a certain TV station.

“Meanwhile, they should really worry about their plagiarists, matters before the court- current and upcoming – and most importantly, their 13th successive, imminent election loss.”

She said the UNC forgot about its claims re:
-the alleged ballot box under the altar in St Joseph;
-the alleged ballots found by a former UNC MP;
-blood flowing on the streets of T&T;
-making the country ungovernable; and
-not supporting legislation for the past 5.5 years

Lezama-Lee Sing said the people have not forgotten:
-the state of emergency;
-section 34;
-life sport (money and lives);
-international disgrace (atm comment/3 little birds dance off);
-acknowledging self proclaimed leaders in sovereign states;
-writing to the big bad Uncle Sam apparently to sanction this country; and
-attempts to rattle independent institutions in the country

She said, “Apologize for what, sorry?

“Talk about misplaced priorities, and a party with nothing to offer the country.”