PNM Candidate for Tunapuna Esmond Forde talks General Elections 2020

Esmond Forde

PNM Tunapuna candidate, Esmond Forde, spoke on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102FM this morning, touching on the issues related to the Tunapuna Constituency as the incumbent.

In 2015, he amassed 11, 228 or 59.42 % of the 26,650 eligible votes, which was 3615 votes more than the UNC’s Wayne Munroe.

In the Tunapuna constituency there are 3,269 new eligible voters who would have turned 18 since the 2015 General Election.

In 2020 his main opponent is well known former National footballer David Nakhid, who is representing the UNC.
He says Mr. Nakhid has no track record in Tunapuna and is making many promises to the electorate. The other candidate is T.H.C. Marcus Ramkisson.

Forde spoke about his plan to attract over 3,000 new voters in the constituency, in addition to what he thought of his UNC competitor David Nakhid:

He spoke about the traffic situation in Tunapuna, which he says is due to the presence of most of the businesses on the Eastern main road. The other main challenges includes crime in the Tunapuna Constituency, where there have been several murders in the constituency in the past month alone:

He also said there have been discussions on possibly relocating the Tunapuna fire station, to the Churchill Roosevelt highway, close to the Namdevco market, which would make the property adjoining Pasea road available for a multi-story carpark for Tunapuna. He said this has not yet materialised as yet because of challenges in funding.