PM’s address: Will the Covid restrictions be extended for another 28 days?

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PM’s address: Will the Covid restrictions be extended for another 28 days?

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley is expected to address the nation today, Saturday.

With the Covid-19 restrictions set to end tomorrow, the Prime Minister will no doubt update the country on the Covid-19 situation, and determine whether the current restrictions will be continued for another 28-day cycle.

At a press conference in September, Dr. Rowley said that the numbers would determine whether some of the restrictions would be rolled back or if another measure may be implemented to reduce the positive Covid-19 numbers.

Technical Director of the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiology Division, Dr Avery Hinds, said that there were signs that the Covid-19 measures were effective, as there was a change in the numbers.

He said, “We’re beginning to see signs that fewer and fewer people on our daily counts—not the ones that show up in the press releases that may have numbers across few days—but on the daily counts we’re starting to see where those numbers are starting to look a little more favourable although they’re still increasing.”

Also last week, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh noted a 35% decrease in numbers despite the Covid death toll which is currently at 89.

Deyalsingh said, “I’m reasonably happy this morning that we have some numbers which indicate that we are on the start of a right trend downwards with the numbers. There seems to be about a 35 percent decrease in the numbers, which is good. I thank all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago because this is your accomplishment.”

The restrictions which were first implemented on August 17, and extended again on September 14 include:

  • Gatherings of no more than five people in public
  • Gyms closed
  • No contact sport
  • Waterparks closed
  • No in-house dining
  • Only takeaway at restaurants and bars
  • Beaches and rivers closed
  • All places of worship closed
  • Casinos, members’ clubs and cinemas closed
  • Wedding, funerals, christenings etc to take place with a maximum of ten people
  • 50 % capacity for public transportation
  • Reduction in level of travel to Tobago- only essentials
  • All teaching institutions to be closed until December 31.

The Prime Minister’s address begins at 2:30pm, live, from the Diplomatic Centre in St. Anns.