PM vows to resolve access issues at Tobago Registrar General’s office

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PM vows to resolve access issues at Tobago Registrar General’s office

For the second time in a matter of months, Tobagonians are facing access issues at the Tobago Registrar General’s office.

However, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has promised to investigate and resolve the reports.

During a press conference in Tobago yesterday, Rowley was informed of the challenges while being questioned by TV6 reporter Elizabeth Williams.

She said that she had received reports that employees from that office were locked out of the system once again over the past few days.

When this happens, people on the island have difficulty accessing birth and death certificates, with some of them forced to travel to Trinidad to access these documents.

Rowley said he was rather surprised at the news but assured that he would look into it immediately.

A similar incident took place last year and at that time, Chief Secretary Farley Augustine called on Dr Rowley and Attorney General Reginald Amour for help.

Now that the issue has resurfaced, Rowley said, “This is surprising to me, and I thought we had dealt with this comprehensively when it arose a few months ago.”

Yesterday, Dr Rowley went on to recall that the last impasse “had to do with an interpretation by some public servant as to what the law permitted.”

He added, “We did intact rectify it by having made sure we had the proper interpretation and that Tobago’s access to the system was facilitated.”

Dr Rowley said he was committed to ensuring the issue is resolved quickly to prevent further inconvenience to Tobago’s residents.