PM: Use Easter time to do some introspection

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PM: Use Easter time to do some introspection

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is calling on citizens to use the Easter time to do some introspection and take a deeper look at their lives.

In his Good Friday message to the nation, he noted that the period is an observance of intense reflection by Christians, their relationship with Christ and the tenets of salvation and redemption.

Dr Rowley said the centrepiece of Christianity, Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, carries a more profound meaning.

He said: “The passion of Christ has become a living and enlightening record, but it goes beyond that, carrying that deeper message of the transformative power of his teaching.

The many mysteries of Easter create an opportunity for citizens to take a deeper look at ourselves in our daily lives. We should be reminded that within all of us, we hold a capacity for boundless love, tolerance, empathy, and compassion for each other.”

He said the observance of Good Friday creates an opportunity for all citizens to reach into themselves and do some soul-searching.

Dr Rowley said people should take the time to ponder on these thoughts: “Where am I, in my life? Where am I going? Is it not time that I reach out to embrace the virtues of godliness?”