PM tells Unions major salary increases will plunge the country into debt

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PM tells Unions major salary increases will plunge the country into debt

Prime Minister has called on citizens to be responsible while wage negotiations continue.

He says that hefty increases for public servants can plunge the country into debt.

As Trade Unions continue to breathe fire with the 2% wage increase offered for an eight-year period from the CPO for public servants, the Prime Minister reminded the country that public servants have not lost their jobs and are still receiving their salaries regularly.

Speaking at a People’s National Movement meeting at the Mt Pleasant/ Calvary Community Centre in Arima last night, Dr Rowley said if the Government gave in and granted a generous eight per cent wage increase, this would cost the country $3.6 billion in back pay and an additional annual cost of $1.4 billion to pay public servants’ salaries.

Dr Rowley said because of the increases in revenue from rising oil and gas prices as a result of the Russia/Ukraine war, the Government had earned $4 billion in additional revenue. However, out of that, after paying debts and expenses, he said there will be just over $1 billion left.

The Prime Minister said he was listening to the cries of the public servants and agreed that they deserved more. However, he said people have to remember that the Government’s priority was to save jobs.