PM: Society needs to review its relationship with criminal elements amongst us

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PM: Society needs to review its relationship with criminal elements amongst us

On the heels of the shooting of four men in Gonzales on Sunday night, which ended in gunmen completing the job at the Port of Spain General Hospital, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says it is time for the entire society “to review its relationship” with the criminal element.

In a statement on his Facebook page, the Prime Minister extended his condolences to the families of the innocent who would have been felled by the wanton, indiscriminate, purposeful killings.

He said the outrageous, violent criminal behaviour of a growing number of persons who display a total disregard for laws, life, communities and persons can only exist amongst us because those who chose these destructive pursuits have no real trepidation over consequences, and also have little expectation that they will be identified, arrested, convicted and ultimately properly incarcerated.

Rowley said these are the building blocks of their confidence and the state’s officers and agencies must relentlessly prove them wrong and pursue justice at every link of the chain.

He noted that excuses for the senseless and criminal bloodletting and mollycoddling of murderers and their associates only further strengthen their resolve to continue to traumatize any and all persons in our society.

“A greater, more sustained resolve must exist with effort and commitment to make the actions of these violent citizens not bear the fruits that they intend to reap through their destructive thoughts and actions.”

“It goes without saying that the effectiveness of policing will be considerably improved if citizens share pertinent information through the many anonymous channels. The expected swift processing in the court system instead of managed automatic delays, will help to close the revolving doors, oiled by the many rights that are constantly being abused by persons who show no concern for the rights of the majority who are constantly preyed upon. The time has come, if not long passed, for the entire society to review its relationship with the criminal element amongst us.”

He said the government continues to stand ready to discuss this and similar initiatives with their Parliamentary colleagues if only they will see it as their job too.

“The government will continue to resource and encourage all those for whom this fight is their duty and one that we cannot afford to lose, therefore we shall not waver.”