PM slams dirty handed politics in wake of Franka Cordner drama

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PM slams dirty handed politics in wake of Franka Cordner drama

Despite their denials, the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) is being blamed for allegedly sharing video clips and audio featuring the People National Movement’s candidate for Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside, Franka Cordner, involved in lewd dancing and making derogatory comments about her colleagues.

In the clip leaked on social media, Cordner describes Ayanna Webster-Roy as looking old and says Webster-Roy was lucky that she (Cordner) did not “take her man.” Cordner also appeared in video clips dancing lewdly, including one with a man, at social public events.

Cordner has since apologised for her action during a THA campaign meeting in Belle Garden on Thursday night and was endorsed by Webster-Roy and Tracy Davidson-Celestine.

During the political meeting on Thursday night, Davidson-Celestine said in speaking with Cordner after the clips were circulated, it was revealed that the PDP deputy leader was involved.

Davidson-Celestine, in an interview with GML, said she was holding the PDP solely responsible for the attack on Cordner.
She said they (PDP) need to apologise to every woman on the island.

However, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, also in an interview with GML, said this is all “coming straight from the UNC guiding hand from their playbook of nastiness.”

He said when he campaigned against political stalwarts like former president ANR Robinson and Hochoy Charles and Lennox Denoon in Tobago he never faced such tactics…”personal attacks and nastiness.”

Rowley added: “We battled long and hard during many campaigns but once the results were in we accepted defeat graciously, as we accepted victory jubilantly. Not so now. The style of the empty-headed and dirty-handed politics is a constant stream of personal attacks and the desperate search for a mark to buss even when you look and sound foolish doing it or when their obvious lies fail to ignite.”

He agreed that this type of politics will in effect keep younger people out of the arena.

Rowley told the media house: “The perpetrators who are the past masters do so under the guise of defending the public from all manners of trumped-up worries when in fact, it is their agenda of a pathway to where they want to get whilst being almost totally worthless.”