PM says he’ll deal with “crime talks” at Croisee tonight

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PM says he’ll deal with “crime talks” at Croisee tonight

‘Meet me on Thursday night at the Croisee.”

That was the Prime Minister’s response to the media, who sought him out concerning statements made at the UNC’s Anti-Crime town hall meeting on Monday.

Speaking at a mix and mingle gathering at the PNM’s Balisier House on Tuesday night, Dr Keith Rowley said he did not want to interfere with the festivities but will address the Opposition Leader’s call for a state of emergency and other issues at the PNM pubic meeting set for 7 p.m. today, at the Croisee, San Juan.

He said: “I’m not talking about crime tonight because we don’t plan crime in Balisier House. Those who are involved in crime plans and plans elsewhere, we will deal with that on Thursday night, in the Croisee.”

During his short address at the networking evening, Rowley spoke on the legacy of the PNM and stated that his Government was held to a higher standard than predecessors by the media.

He said this was welcomed and later added that in political circles, there were some who said they don’t read the media.

However, the PM said that “I read every page”. He said this was the first thing he did on morn­ings or the last thing at night.

“I look at the print media, largely to see what the population is being told by the media…two out of three times, it’s okay…but at least I know what they are being told,” he said.

“I think a lot of our story in our media is a good story,” Rowley said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of it is smothered by the misbehaviour of a small group minority, many of whom have chosen a pathway that we would have preferred them not to have chosen. But that’s another story for another day. That’s for tomorrow night at the Croisee…meet me in the Croisee tomorrow night.”

Rowley also said that his Government has “noth­ing to hide”, pointing out he has spent more hours in front of the media than any other prime minister.

He said he has also been the “most available” PM so far, noting that Balisier House had been opened and the media was invited in.

Rowley however said that the media in Trini­dad and Tobago has held his Government to a higher standard than predecessors, and that “things that you will accept from other people, you will not accept from the PNM”.

He said the Government was “happy for that because you kept us honest, strong and more valuable to the people of Trinidad and Tobago”.

Rowley said T&T was “probably the freest country in the world”.