PM Rowley off to London for Energy talks

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PM Rowley off to London for Energy talks

Finance Minister Colm Imbert will act as prime minister until Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley left Trinidad and Tobago on Friday for London where he will hold important discussions with multinational energy companies there. A statement issued on Friday, from the Office of the PM said : Dr Rowley’s engagements in London include “several high-level meetings with leading global energy companies.”One of those meetings is expected to be the final sign-off on the restructuring of Atlantic LNG (ALNG).

Dr. Rowley recently said at a news recently that Trinidad & Tobago now has a ten per cent shareholding in trains two and three, through NGC and the government’s current shareholding arrangements for trains one and four remain in place.

He indicated: “That is one of the most significant decisions, we have been able to accomplish.” On January 25, 2022, Government and ALNG’s shareholders signed a heads of agreement (HoA) to guide the company’s restructuring.

Energy Minister Stuart Young accompanied Rowley to London.
Speaking in the Senate on November 24, Young said TT is already benefiting from the restructuring of ALNG. Young said: “In fact, the price structure that we have re-negotiated over the past few years has resulted in over $17 billion additional income to the people of TT that we would not have received (if there were no restructuring negotiations).”
He said the negotiations “are currently in the final stages of negotiation and at the appropriate time, the necessary information, when completed, will be provided in full transparency, that is permissible to the population.”