PM Rowley and Kirk Waithe in heated text exchange

PM Rowley and Kirk Waithe in heated text exchange

Details of a heated text exchange between Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Fixing T&T’s Kirk Waithe have made their way on social media. The exchange is said to have taken place on December 27th 2019. The following are excerpts of the exchange:

Waithe: Start the new decade right! Come clean Camille! Fess up Faris! Do four manager’s cheques totalling $142,000 drawn on the “Honourable” Minister’s RBL account on 8th January 2106 ring a bell? Is that what the letter signed by RBL Executive Director Derwin Howell confirmed? This, of course, is totally separate and apart from the $143,800 cash the “honourable” Minister walked into First Citizens with on that very same day. Truth matters!!! Where did that $143,800 cash really come from?

Rowley: Did I not tell you to stay off my phone? If you know and have something either say openly or take it to the police but in the mean time stay off my phone unless you have something useful to contact me about or I will have to block you out as a self promoting nuisance.

What do you know about it? What sacrifice have you ever made for this country other than to be a damn hypocrite. You know so much about Camille and $148,000 but when it comes to the outright and humongous thievery of the many UNC operatives who are and were your paymasters yuh are deathly silent. What about the $120 million Eden Gardens and the questions that Moonilal and Jearlean have to answer? What about the $900 million bond that Rambachan Ministry gave OAS to go with, What about the millions that SIS, Kamla favourite contractor ran away with and the state in the court hold $175m in his equipment for the billion dollar Beetham plant where your UNC FRIENDS AND SPONSORS paid US$164 million for $54 million in work? When it comes to the Curepe interchange where the UNC committed $524 million for which this Government is building it for $221 million you have no interest in finding out who was getting the extra $300 million. Kirk until you are prepared to meaningfully engage THESE AND THE MOUNTAIN is similar known corruption which cry out for Fixin T&T.

Waithe: Your feedback and perspective are greatly appreciative. Some of you continue to ask “where was FIXIN T&T before September 7, 2015?” The following links take you to just a few of the public positions we took between 2010-2015 and should provide unequivocal clarity. Please feel free to scroll through our page to see numerous others. As always, we thank you for your perspectives, feedback, passion and love for OUR T&T.

Rowley: Kirk until you are prepared to engage all these known corrupt practices and personnel just stay to hell off my phone with your self serving bulls***. I know you want them back so you could continue to prosper off their gifts and scraps which are all about you your ego and nothing to do with fixing Trinidad and Tobago. Think about it. You could promote that bulls*** to those who don’t know you. I know you long before you appointed yourself fixer of TT so don’t come to me with any of your self-righteousness and your diatribe. Unless you could point your finger at me for any misconduct or failing in my duty just go and meet your corrupt mentors and sponsors and give me a damn chance.


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    Alvin Wilson 6 months

    I believe that Dr. Rowley dealt with it aptly. It is a high level of hypocrisy. He could not be talking about a few hundred thousand in the face of millions of the next generation patrimony being squandered by the last administration? Dr. Rowley, well done.

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