PM maintains his stance on candelight vigil/COVID19 link

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PM maintains his stance on candelight vigil/COVID19 link

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is standing his ground on his statements linking the current surge in Covid19 cases to vigils held in February and March.

Speaking to GML, he said he could not understand why there were questions about the timing of the release of information that it was the candlelight vigils that triggered the start of the spike.

He said “I could have waited 300 years, it doesn’t change the facts.”“When did I lose my free speech?”

The PM accepted that the situation was a sensitive one but said that Covid19 did not take that into consideration.

“The emotional outpouring is understood, the cause is a worthy one but the virus does not give those considerations a pass.”

“Any mass congregation is a threat and when it goes on for weeks and in such large numbers in so many areas the science and the heat maps are the tools of expression,” he said.