PM Keith Rowley pays tribute to Butch Stewart

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PM Keith Rowley pays tribute to Butch Stewart

The death of Gordon “Butch” Stewart leaves a great void throughout the Caribbean. He was a special person — energetic, innovative, design-driven, customer-focussed, and always in pursuit of creating a space in which the region could be cited in the modern world.

I am pleased to have interacted with him, and his thoughts certainly left an impact on me, which I have been able to share with my colleagues here, and throughout the region.

For me, what is lasting is that he never made the mistake about leadership. He never saw it in the sense of power, but about helping others to become better persons.

His legacy, as I see it, should be that he built an international brand, by giving trust, encouragement and congratulations, when required, to others, helping them to find their own way in their lives, and the world.

This death is a great loss for the region, particularly at the time when we all needed him to go forward.

Our deepest condolences to the family and our Jamaican brothers and sisters on the loss of this Caribbean man of whom we are all proud.