PM implores citizens to be responsible as he now battles COVID

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PM implores citizens to be responsible as he now battles COVID

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is imploring the nation to be responsible, in the wake of him testing positive for the COVID19 virus.

Rowley is now the first Caricom leader to receive a Covid-positive test result and speaking with the Express, he said: “Please, once more, I implore all of you to not give up. Be responsible always and follow the health guidelines. I have been going out of my way to be responsible and to comply. In fact, during the pre-Easter and Easter weekend, I thought that I was particularly careful and semi-isolated, spending time only with family and close associates. Even so, I got Covid.”

He added “I tell you all this not that you will see futility in the effort (to be cautious), but to ask that whatever we are doing, we must do more because my experience demonstrates that anyone can become infected, no matter who we are or how safe we feel.
“We just have to keep respecting the challenges and continue doing our individual best to give ourselves the best chance to escape the horrors of this dangerous virus.”

Since the news of him contracting the virus spread, Rowley said he has received many prayerful words and kind wishes from Caricom and other colleagues, his constituents and very many concerned citizens and friends at home and abroad.

The head of the World Health Organisation, (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has also expressed his wishes for a speedy recovery for Rowley.